Reader Request: in work…

One reader requested I give a bit of a fish eye view into what my daily work is like; this comes as a result of a number of posts on my travails as a knitting teacher, as well as my general lack of noise in this space of late.

I guess it prompted a reader to ask: how hectic can it be?

Well, on any given day, when study hall begins, I am–quite literally–crowded by kids asking for knitting help, computer help, general life help, and other tomfoolery. While I love the high energy that comes with it all, the last thing I want to do when I’m home in the evening is hit the computer once more.

Lucky for my reader request series, one of my youngest, a 6th grader, got hands of my camera the other day and snapped the above photo of the crowd.

So thank that little budding photographer; just after, I gave her a quick once over on using the different settings like macro.

Interested in other items in the Reader Request series, gander gander.

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