The chicken and the goat in hot weather…

Might I suggest one of the most delicious, filling, and easy as 1-2-I have food meals I’ve had in a long time?

The amazing Scrambled Egg Toast, which I happened to read and salivate over at Smitten Kitchen this week; then again, when have I not salivated over anything she makes?

This was the perfect meal for an insanely hot city evening; minimal work over the stove, burning on for a short bit, and nary much clean up. What’s more, you should have all, if not close to all, items on hand int he fridge.

This scrambled egg toast has a layer of goat cheese on the bottom which creates a tangy-ness for the eggs; I sprinkled my eggs with pepper and the few chives I had on hand. This is literally all there is too it, save for the gobble gobble gobble.

The way the goat cheese melts into the hot eggs is pretty incredible. Nom.

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