Scenes from the final days of knitting…

Today was officially the last knitting class of the school year for my middle school knitters; they’ve come so far this year, it’s incredible, really.

We had a relaxed class that had a few kids still focused on projects (like working the thumb gusset of a mitten, separating the sleeves on a February Lady Sweater, and even finishing a giant market sack!). The range of projects was pretty incredible and the kids learned so many skills. We started in the fall with basic scarves, moved into hats and mittens, worked socks, and ended with some of them knitting sweaters, stuffed toys like pigs and bears, and lace accessories.

I adored their silliness and daring attitudes. They used colors I would never dare to use, because ultimately, they are the age where they can really work those colors out! I loved walking into the room and seeing the incredible palette, and their eagerness to show me how to completely goof off.

Some of them have expressed that they can’t possibly go an entire summer without knitting “guidance”. Therefore, we, and by we I mean they, have decided I must make myself available to them at a coffee shop on a standard day so they can come ask questions and get general fiber feedback. It doesn’t take much to get me into a coffee shop really, so the arrangement seems fitting.

As always, you can see loads of their work at the Scenes from Knitting Class Flickr Set. I think we’ll keep the same one next year. They gave me some feedback on how I should teach the course as a progression next year. They liked the idea that first term would entail basic knitting, second term felting art (for those who don’t know, it’s knitting with 100 percent wool and then “felting” it with hot soapy water  to create the “boiled wool” look), and third term advanced and accessory knitting. I like the idea, but have not firmed up the details.

Stay tuned…

3 responses to “Scenes from the final days of knitting…”

  1. i am witness to all this fabulousness. i do not even teach in the middle school but i see those girls running around the halls with their projects saying things like, “hooooold on, i have to get my kniiiiitttting.” insert attitude and eye-rolling here. you have achieved a great deal with those girls this year ms. kratfworkin’. keep up the good work and maybe we can get an all-ages group together next year?

    1. thanks so much for your support RR! let’s talk this summer about plans for the fall! i like where you’re going with this…

  2. […] teddy pattern was too easy! One of my 6th grade knitters this year even made one! It’s simple working in the round, leg joining, and the top is shaped like the heel and instep […]

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