Birthing a ton of knits this year…

This year–and into next!– was a baby factory in my work. Loads of teachers were having ’em, and I was knitting for ’em.

The recent spate of pregnancies forced me to ditch projects like blankets and focus on smaller ideas: sweaters, teddy bears, booties.

But I was quite pleased with the way my Striped Button Front cardigan came out for N.Z. (the Green Zebra Baby Sweater by Dove Knits), who is expecting her first baby, a boy. I decided to make the sweater a mix of tweedy browns, and used all natural coconut buttons for the detailing, so that this sweater will last through all trends and all baby sexes so it can be used a million times over.

The jogging on the stripes took a bit more time than I’d wanted (this pattern called for using three balls of yarn at once) and the striped band had to be ripped back a few times when I forgot button rows or to carry the appropriate ball, but it was all worth it!

I think the co-worker with impending bundle enjoyed the cardy and teddy bear (more to come on that later) included in this gift. She was so adorably sweet and surprised about the whole thing and she may very well be one of the most gorgeous pregnant women I’ve ever seen.

I can’t wait to meet the lil’ guy and I’m glad he has a sweater for February, when he’s 1/2 a year old and introduced to our beloved Boston winters.

As always, more snaps at its Flickr set. Now, onto the next baby, due in late late fall…

4 responses to “Birthing a ton of knits this year…”

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  2. That is STUNNING. I love it. So stripey and buttony and perfect.

    1. thank you!!

  3. Love it!

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