Inspirations: “Misssssss Wooooooolllfffff!”

Me and this particular student have a special relationship; she is kind of a knitting savant in many ways, having excelled so quickly this year after never having taken up sticks in her life.

And she models for snap so well, its as if she were born for that, too. We had a kind of knitting kinship this year, in which, I would show her the results of something I knit up, and she would turn around and say, “Ok, now my turn! Missssss Woooooolllllllfffff, I haaavvveee to make this.”

From such excitement came me collecting up the requisite supplies and helping her along. It was as if, this year, we created a whole handful of projects that mirrored one another.

The above snap is one of those projects; I made this same Purls of Wisdom Weekender market sack and she was smitten with it from first blush. I scooped her up some similarly green color chunky yarn, and she was on her way. The only difference? She finished hers and mine is still waiting! The reason? I gave her the handles I had bought for my bag so she wouldn’t have to head out in search of a pair.

We fastened them on the last day of school, so I never got a chance to snap the final product and she gifted it off to a friend. And in that, she’s quite like me, too. I very often give away the things I make and rarely keep them for myself. I’m trying to do a few knits (like sweaters) that I can keep these days, to reward myself, but quite honestly, I love the reaction when I hand over a handmade from Kraftworkin to someone I care quite a bit for. I can’t remember, besides her first pair of socks, a thing C. knitted this year that she didn’t gift to someone–a lace sachet for her Mum for Mother’s Day, for instance, a baby hat for her little sister’s dolly, a purse for her cousin, the aforementioned market sack for a good friend’s birthday.

C. will be in 8th grade next year; a proper young lady, no doubt. I hope she keeps to her knitting mantras. And if we have the same knitting relationship next year, I want to do a feature called “Mirrors in Me”, where I will snap my finished project right next to hers, that is, if she still wants to knit what I want.

File Under: If only I’d thought of this photography project earlier…if….!

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