My own pretensions…

If you’ve never spent any time aiming for a little non pretentious pretension in your life, what are you waiting for?

In all seriousness, I adore Melissa Sachs, who created the brainchild Non Pretentious DOT Com, a website dedicated to writers who want to freely write about whatever: sex, the law, bullshit (me!), books, music, you name it.

A few years back, M.S. reached out to me when she went looking for music blogs dedicated to Pulp and Jarvis Cocker; enter me, of course, who is the dedicated bedfellow of Pulp & Circumstance, Juiced. We kept up with each other, bandied some ideas around, I created a mixtape for her mixtape series, and eventually, we finally reached my latest endeavor for them: a column…on, you guessed it…


You can read all about what my column is about here. Then, you can take a gander at the few I’ve written so far.

It’s definitely a journey for me and M.S. has given me a venue to simply spill forth and vomit junk about how I feel regarding certain things I’ve found highly ridiculous on the week so I have her to thank for helping me dust off my dusty writing voice. I have to say, its been harder than I thought it would to search inside and find my snark.

Nonetheless, I’ve got a lot of ideas in the queue but am always looking for inspiration and suggestion.

File Under: I promise, I won’t write this one off…

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