When it’s a soupy mess of humidity out there…

If you’re looking for a deliciously light summer soup that can be served cold or hot, look no further than Ina Garten’s Fresh Pea Soup.

It’s so light, herby, and fresh despite the fact you’d think it wouldn’t fill you on up. It will. On a hot summer day, it’s perfect, really. The combination of fresh peas, chives, mint, and yummy leaks is brilliant, really. Plus, a mixing in of creme fraiche at the end adds this added creamy yum.

The recipe was really simple to follow and I got a chance to use chives and mint from my herb garden. Amazing. About the most difficult part of this entire soup is cleaning the dirty, dirty leaks. If that’s the most difficult part, sign yourself up.

I tried it both cold and hot and it was equally lip smacking, though I’d say I preferred it slightly hot because if I’m going to go for a cold soup, I’m straight for the gezpacho. Ooh, gazpacho, I love thee.

….Onto the next summer soup!

One response to “When it’s a soupy mess of humidity out there…”

  1. Is it just I, or do the ends of those leaks look like knitting wool … ? i mean, wow. did you knit those leaks?

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