Bear-ly able to work any more baby knits…

As previously mentioned here, oh here, and here, I have “birthed” a lot of baby knits this year, as my work is a factory…one goes out, another gets upsprouted. This mean a lot of knitting on my part because I adore doing it, and welp, its fun to create not only sweaters and blankets and other useful wonders, but affords me the chance to make a whole slew of whimsies.

Like these two bears–one in a blossom pink, the other a standard teddy brown–for two impending bundles, one boy, one girl. I made them to somewhat match their sweaters because both Mum’s seem conservative and like matchiness in one form or another, so it seemed fitting.

This teddy pattern was too easy! One of my 6th grade knitters this year even made one! It’s simple working in the round, leg joining, and the top is shaped like the heel and instep of a sock, so if you’ve done that, you’ll whip these babies up in no time.

I’ve calculated and since I’ve made so many this year, it’s official: I can make two of them in one evening.

As always, more snaps of all the baby knits created by myself this year.

One response to “Bear-ly able to work any more baby knits…”

  1. You sure the pink one isn’t a bear-pig cross … ? Ummmmm. bear-pig. What would that taste like? Chicken! What would that sound like? Grrrroink!

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