More, eats local…

Summer is officially here, and if you live in New England like me, it means gorging on copious amounts of seafood (not that we, and I, don’t do that all year round mind you).

But in summer, there are steamers. Hands down, my favorite food, I try and eat as many pounds of these in summer as possible. With melted butter and tons of Tabasco. If you’ve never tried them covered in spicy, you must.

I’ve had this tradition since I was little–gorge on steamers all summer, culminating in one epic session on my brithday (which falls in September just after labor day) as a last hurrah to steamers. My mum usually makes me 2-3 batches, loads them onto a platter, and sits me on the porch to go wild.

I must say, its gotten increasingly better since I hit 21; she also plunks down a six pack of my favorite summer beer still in its cardboard case (I’m not kidding) and a bottle opener. Of course, a pile of napkins, but no plates needed or anything. It’s the greatest time ever, and I look forward to that birthday tradition every year. Screw the cake, I hate it anyways. Bring on the clams!

Have I done anything but eat this summer?

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