Books, nooks, look!

Yesterday, I spent some quality time at the New England Mobile Book Fair.

If you’re a book slut and you’ve never spent any time here, please, do go. If you live in Boston, its a quick, and well worth, trip out to Newton Center for their warehouses of books. And once you familiarize yourself with how its organized (by publisher), you’ll be lost in the stacks for hours.

I scooped up a couple reads (to be blogged later), including my latest infatuation with crime mystery (think Agatha Christie and Orson Welles since I’ve exhausted all Sherlock Holmes) and horror, as well as a classic for good measure.

Look at that beautiful wall of Penguin classics. Drool. Faint. Adore. Bow. You know.

Someone buy me this entire wall (sans one’s I already own, which unfortunately for my wallet, is many…).

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