It’s not February, but it is a sweater for the ages…

I have been working on a February Lady Sweater for my Mum since late May; with the weather so great and the romping around constant, I haven’t had much time to actually work on this sweater.

But I did have a student wear it while in progress before school was out and she was certainly the perfect model for making this sweater look gorgeous; since then, the sweater is nearing the finish line on the body–I have about 2 inches left to knit of the lace before I begin the bottom garter stitch band. So basically, there isn’t much left but to pick up and knit the sleeves and add buttons (which I still haven’t picked out).

The February Lady Sweater is really simple and fun to knit up. The Gully Lace pattern repeat is easy to memorize and not overly complex, so I’ve only had to rip a couple of times to fix errors when my mind lapsed.

I’m making mine in the smallest size because my Mum is small and the negative ease will stretch over time. I hate when all that work on a sweater becomes moot because the yarn has stretched so much with wearing that it looks like an ugly bag that can’t keep its shape.

I would suggest anyone who has never made a sweater should start here; even though its tempting to just do a stockinette stitch raglan sweater, this is a great pattern for the newbie to sweater knitting. What’s more, there is a great set of resources to help you along where you have questions or want to make modifications.

I adore it. The yarn I’m using is a peacock color (my Mum’s favorite) with slight variegation in a darker blue and yellow. It’s gorgeous when you really look at it in person–unfortunately these snaps don’t do the slight color changes justice. But just you wait.

Expect this sweater to be finished in the coming days. While its been a pleasure, I’m ready for it to be finished.

Snaps of the February Lady Sweater, as always, at its flickr set. Of course, special thanks to C. for modeling; she’ll get a small prize in the mail.

3 responses to “It’s not February, but it is a sweater for the ages…”

  1. Very nice, love the color!

    1. thank you!

  2. […] again getting side-tracked by other projects on the needles, I’m nearly finished sleeve #1 on the February Lady Sweater, which is exciting indeed, because it means I’m just one sleeve away from blocking this […]

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