Scenes from a visit to see Mum, Portsmouth.

A visit to see my Mum in New Hampshire is such a relaxing endeavor, particularly when you can wander around with camera in hand, Thomas Mapfumo on the ipod, coffee in hand–all the while snapping photos, buying yarn, and generally enjoy the slower life.

The architecture of downtown Portsmouth is something to be cherished, for sure. It makes even Fat Belly’s look, well, sleek.

And the brew cup atop the Portsmouth Brewery makes you thirsty…

So, naturally, all this thirst comes in the form of a giant bag of Noro, procured at the Yarn Basket. Hey, they were having a monumental Noro sale–all must go! And, considering I’ve been on a Noro kick of late…chhhaaa-ching!

And lastly, only in New England, do we have Lobster Roll carts in place of those lowly hot dog ones…

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