Inspiration for knitting design.

I am inspired by the recent Craftzine post about using your photographs to create color palettes. I’ve been thinking for awhile about designing something for fall with the different hues of my one true love: coffee.

Colors like cafe au lait (slightly milky), black (like I drink it), and beyond. And I wanted to use some kidsilk haze I have lying around in this beautiful goldish colorway for said project, but no matter how many times I looked at it or tried to start designing, it wouldn’t happen.

Until now.

So I used two photographs I had snapped recently–one of coffee, and one of the kidsilk itself, as my “inspiration” for starting the color palette. And these are the results:

And its worked; despite really liking the olive green, it really doesn’t fit in the palette. And if I hadn’t made one, maybe I’d still hang onto it.

I might have to create color palettes more often. Maybe I’ll finally be inspired to come up with something in time for fall knitting.

Stay tuned.

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