rearranging, 8.17

When fall is near, I start rearranging and organizing.

I’ve taken to my bookshelves in an attempt to clean and tidy things up (I’ve acquired quite a few this summer thrown about, not yet finding their place since they’ve been…well, being read). Ever since I saw some set in a magazine where all the books were organized by color and size some handful of years ago or so, that’s just how I’ve been organizing them.

I used to do it by author. And in college, it was organized somewhat autobiographically so I could remember what I was reading when.

How do you organize your bookage in shelf?

reader request: from my purse.

A reader asked that I dump out the contents of my purse; I was confused; after a few clicks, I realized, apparently this is something other bloggers do. And so I’ll oblige for the request series.

My purse is vintage Coach, purchased for a measly some odd dollars on Etsy from YokohiYoko–a brilliant thrifter living in New York–in mint condition. In case you wondered, though I’m not into handbags and this is really the only one I use on the reg., minus my work tote.

Contents contained when dumped out are as follows (bottom upwards):

1. One of my many ipods–depending on the trip, I like my 160 gig-er because it has thousands of tunes, as well as all the podcasts I listen to (its many) and books, too.

2. Crumpled pieces of paper with notes on books I want to buy. I make a lot of frequent and impromptu stops at bookstores–its good to have a list on hand for those moments of spontaneity.

3. Aspirin.

4. Darning needle and leftover yarn–often the result of finishing a present for someone on the train ride over to meet them. I can be last minute, a lot.

5. Reading material small enough to fit my small bag; lately its Hansjorg Schertenleib’s A Happy Man.

6. A jump drive because I’m a nerd. You never know when you’ll need some files.

7. Wallet, of course, to spend the monies.

8. Rosebud Smith’s Brambleberry Rose lip salve. Incredible looking, incredible tasting, even better smelling.

9. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. The smell is as clean and gender neutral as Dove White, that’s why I adore it. Plus, I have chapped hands a lot.

10. Gift cards for things like yarn, books, and coffee. See #2–you never know!

11. Eye See You recycled pouch filled with little odds and ends for road knitting.

12. Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper lip balm. It’s the best flavor, plus it gives a tiny hint of color. I don’t wear much makeup, so this is the perfect non-lipstick lipstick around. Bonnie Bell used to do a big road race in Boston for women–and every participant got free products. Indeed, an amazing company.

13. Granola Bar. I constantly love a snack. This saves me when eating isn’t possible and I’m starved for a small bit.

What’s in your bag?