tweed yarn, 8.31

For some reason, I assumed I was receiving 5 skeins of Rowan Felted Tweed (a dk weight) in the mail for a Peasy Cardigan, which I was beyond excited about. Instead, I ended up with the Rowan Tweed Chunky, which is discontinued. Has anyone else experienced yarn let down before? Sadness abounds. What can IContinue reading “tweed yarn, 8.31”

rearranging, 8.17

When fall is near, I start rearranging and organizing. I’ve taken to my bookshelves in an attempt to clean and tidy things up (I’ve acquired quite a few this summer thrown about, not yet finding their place since they’ve been…well, being read). Ever since I saw some set in a magazine where all the booksContinue reading “rearranging, 8.17”

reader request: from my purse.

A reader asked that I dump out the contents of my purse; I was confused; after a few clicks, I realized, apparently this is something other bloggers do. And so I’ll oblige for the request series. My purse is vintage Coach, purchased for a measly some odd dollars on Etsy from YokohiYoko–a brilliant thrifter livingContinue reading “reader request: from my purse.”