sprucing, 10.30

It’s nice to have weekend guests. I love the cleaning and prepping that comes with such visits–and since its Halloween this weekend, I thought my out of towners might like to be pleased by some orange fresh cut roses.

They look really gorgeous on the dining table.

chicken tacos, 10.23

Stuffed with fresh avacado, cotija cheese, tomatoes, and sauteed spicy peppers and onions from my mum’s garden.

Oh, and of course, the corn tortillas are homemade (just a mixture of masa and water), which really sets these tacos apart from any old thing.

fiber art, 10.18

Some gorgeous skeins of Knit Picks Shadow Kettle Dyed lace weight yarn just dropped through my door and its so gorgeous and inspiring for the impending winter with those icy blue hues.

The colorways include Clementine, Altitude and Atlantic; unfortunately, these colorways are on last chance at Knit Picks, so if you want some, grab now.

Inspiration abounds!

pumpkin carving, 10.11

This weekend, my good friend Mackenzie came up to my Mum’s house for a weekend out of the city. Naturally, we gorged on pumpkin beers and carved a few.

Of course, we had our ever-present four legged shadow, Sir Winston Churchill, helping us throughout the way. I love how, with such ease, Mackenzie is able to carve the living hell out of that pumpkin with a butcher knife and still scratch my dog about the stomach, a demand he well…demands, often.

You can read more about our glorious weekend in New Hampshire at Mack’s brilliant little blog, a compendium of delights. The weekend was one of those delights, for sure.

a place to swoon, 10.13

Browsing a bookstore is my most favorite activity–that and a record shop, of course. But who knew a typical Wednesday night in Trident could have been so invigorating.

Color me smitten–with glorious glossy colored literary journals, and fellow mysterious yet witty book sluts.

student KAL, 10.8

One of my students and I are doing the Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL together for Socktoberfest.

AB is using a variegated fingering from Knit Picks, and I’m using a solid navy fingering unlabeled I had laying in my stash–this will hopefully show AB how yarn selection changes the look, feel, and mood of a knitting project.

I’m confident hers is looking so much better than mine based on yarn choice alone; we’ve done the cuff, and now its onto the mid-section, which was released yesterday.

Snaps of mine to come.

lost in reading, 10.3

Years ago, a boyfriend bought me a copy of Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections and I fell in love with his writing immediately.

I like that Franzen is sort of a literary character in his own right; and even though everyone is talking about his latest book Freedom–and I hate literary trending fervor–I can’t put his latest tome down.

It’s brilliant really. If you haven’t read any Franzen, you should. He has an uncanny ability to dive inside a character so wholeheartedly–and you’re often left wondering how he effortlessly becomes a character so seemingly different from what he embodies.

And yes, he did get his glasses stolen at an event in the UK this week never mind that whole printing a rough draft issue. Enough said.

fair(e) food, 10.2

The most delicious cider donuts I’ve ever eaten, scouted out and scarfed every last weekend in September at the Deerfield Fair (the New Hampshire equivalent of a state fair). Pat’s cider donuts are so warm and freshly cinnamon-sugared, you’ll never taste any deep fried dough that tastes better.