xmas gifted, #2.

One of my closest friend’s, Mack, is downright one of the most fun people to knit for because she looks amazing in just about anything you give her (like here). What’s more, whimsy fits her well, so it felt very natural that I would whip up a pair of Through the Loops’ Reykjavik mittens asContinue reading “xmas gifted, #2.”

xmas gifted, #1.

One of my best friend’s from college, who since graduation moved to New York, has been working in the fashion industry for years. He travels to Paris, Milan, and is the most impeccably dressed person even when he’s lounging in his gym shorts and tshirt. For Derek, its always about knitting forward thinking items withContinue reading “xmas gifted, #1.”

relaxing, 12.27

The holiday time off has been spent devouring some amazing dark chocolate gifted by Mack, and of course, the pages of Wilkie Collins’ classic The Woman in White, which came as part of the glorious Penguin Classics Hardcover set I squealed about like a little child a few weeks back–and all those squeals were answered,Continue reading “relaxing, 12.27”

scenes in color.

We’ve been playing a lot in knitting class with greens and reds and when I was picking through photos from this month, I noticed that we did some pretty hilarious work around color in December. From the candy in their mouths to the fiber on needles, hues of red and green have reigned supreme. AndContinue reading “scenes in color.”

holiday eating traditions.

Every year at the holidays, my family makes traditional tamales; because they are a bit of work, we like to make a whole pile of them and gorge our way through the new year. It involves lots of folding, tying, prepping ingredients, and steaming. You’ll never eat anything more tasty. There’s nothing better than masa.Continue reading “holiday eating traditions.”

crunch time, 12.12

It’s that time of year again; that time when I’m up to all hours of the night, feverishly finishing gifts for the holidays. Knitting like crazy. And every year, I say I’m going to get started early; finish things in summer and fall when I have time. And every year, I do, basically, none ofContinue reading “crunch time, 12.12”

my little knitters, 12.1

The Winter Term of little knitters are up and running! This section is complete with knitting experts–every one of them have taken my class before and showed prowess on the needles despite some months off from any formal instruction. I am so proud. L. began quickly, casting on with a baby pink yarn gifted toContinue reading “my little knitters, 12.1”