my little knitters, 12.1

The Winter Term of little knitters are up and running! This section is complete with knitting experts–every one of them have taken my class before and showed prowess on the needles despite some months off from any formal instruction.

I am so proud.

L. began quickly, casting on with a baby pink yarn gifted to her from an equally proud as myself grandmum. She worked at least 10 rows of knitting without nary a question before showing off what she remembered.

A child after my own heart, for sure.

She made the most progress on her first project of the term last week; others were moving along at a gorgeous pace, as well, and asked me to procure patterns for them–turtles, tote bags, bow headbands, and beyond.

As always, I’ll keep track of everyone’s progress this term at the Flickr set dedicated to my little knitter bees.

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