xmas gifted, #1.

One of my best friend’s from college, who since graduation moved to New York, has been working in the fashion industry for years. He travels to Paris, Milan, and is the most impeccably dressed person even when he’s lounging in his gym shorts and tshirt.

For Derek, its always about knitting forward thinking items with excellent fibers and lasting quality; when you make something for him, he wears it forever, as evidenced by the Noro Striped Scarf I made him a few years back, which he was smartly wearing when I arrived at his childhood home for coffee, catchup, and giftage.

This year, it was a gorgeous Thermis neckwarmer using Classic Elite Portland Tweed–the fiber content of which is Italian virgin wool, Alpaca, and viscose. I did his Thermis in the espresso colorway with these stunning camel colored buttons for the closure.

I’ve made so many of these for gifts in the past few years; I suggest if you’re looking for something quick and chic, knit one of these (design by Kris Knits, available here).

More snaps, as always, of my neckwarmers, at its Flickr set.

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