reader request: current addictions, january.

After leaving the reader request series lethargic and floundering to last minute Christmas gifting and frenzy, a recent note popped through the box asking that I do a “current addictions” sort of thing. I have plenty of addictions.

From top left to right: 1. Jenness Farm Goat Milk Soap (the spearmint, Cape Cod Cranberry, and Sage are gorgeous; made locally in Nottingham, NH–I swear by this in the shower) 2. Vintage Aztec Fleck Sweater Vest from 1st Love (she’s local in Boston!) 3. Vintage Mail Sorter from Painted Cottage (I absolutely WISH) 4. Red Striped Anything, including this delicious Triangle Scarf from Dolly Knits

Middle section left to right: 1. Pom Poms of any order, like the ones featured at Purl Bee 2. Ginger Snaps, homemade (with coffee! of course!) 3. Honey Drops Necklace by Edor 4. Alchemy’s Temple Yarns and Simple Baby Knit Kit by Purl Bee 4. Bear in Flannel art print by CorellaDesign

Bottom section left to right: 1. Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Caramels from Trader Joes 2. Chattering Teeth Stamp by Sugarskull7 3. Knitting in combination of stockinette stitch and garter stitch blocking 4. Cross Stitch and Embroidery (I can’t stop making these but I also like ones for sale like this “Don’t Ba a Hard Rock When You Really Are a Gem” version by youreinmaine— haaayy Lauryn Hill) 5. Vintage Peep Toes like these (in my size, but sold! boo!) from Thrush Vintage (I like to prep for warm weather early, apparently)

One response to “reader request: current addictions, january.”

  1. […] A reader asked in January if I’d do a series on my “Current Addictions”. What a brilliant idea, really, and a way for me to catalog somewhere, the things I liked, desired, wanted, needed, at the time. Well, I failed to make this happen in Feburary, but its March now, the weather might be improving, and so is my outlook. […]

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