knitting inspiration #138: elvis perkins.

He’s one of my favorite musicians, no doubt. And who knew Elvis had such a great “knitted” style?

My friend declared to me the other week that my “fetish” is knitting for men, or knitting men’s items that I in turn wear. It’s true, indeed. She even boasted that I should open an etsy shop dedicated solely to providing homemade knitwear to women who don’t know how to knit but actually have boyfriends to gift the stuff off to. Novel, idea, no? I think we bandied about a shop title of “Boys who like girls who like knitting but can’t for shit”…and then the trail went cold.

Anyways, Elvis Perkins not only has a gorgeous face, indeed, and a remarkable talent, he has inspired my latest knitting craze: men’s skinny scarves, intricate Fair Isle sweater vests, fisherman-style hats in bright colors, and even gorgeous Aztec-style button-ups.

Calling all males: who wants something?

In honor, gorge on some of my favorite Elvis tracks–“123, Goodbye”, “Doomsday”, “Shampoo”, and “While You Were Sleeping”.

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