baktus striped, 2.2

I finally decided to knit up a baktus style Norwegian scarf, which begins skinny, gets wider through the middle, and then decreases again, much like a triangular scarf but knit a bit differently.

Instead of using a self-striping sock yarn, I decided to alternate between a cream and bright red. I know I’m on a red kick lately, and a garter stitch one, too, and this is the perfect marriage of my recent obsessions. I’m in love with it; so cozy and it drapes really nicely. You can alternate between wearing this like a kerchief or by wrapping and tying. Brilliant.

What’s more, its a super quick knit. I started this Friday and finished Monday night. Cheers to that.

As always, more snaps of the Baktus at its flickr set.

(Side note for those that ask: yes, that is my “How to make Creme Brulee” recipe shirt. You can scoop one up here.)

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