oatmeal stout bread, 3.23

Gorgeous oatmeal stout bread I made whilst on vacation last week. This bread is quite easy, super hearty, and you can really taste the beer, which is amazing.

The yeast works with the stout, which needs to be at room temperature when you begin; I used Guinness Extra because I know its tried and true, though I’d definitely try this with a wonder of stout style beers–like chocolate, perhaps?

I ate this plain by the slice-ful, and it also was smashing as the main event in a turkey sandwich–and yes, the turkey breast was brined and backed in the oven, just as you should do it.

One response to “oatmeal stout bread, 3.23”

  1. […] been at least a month since I made some homemade loaves of bread (the Oatmeal Stout Bread, actually). Travesty, really. Today, I needed to knead. Knead I did. This is a cuban style white […]

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