current addictions: april.

I’m on this “current addictions” kick, which I started as a new monthly “what I love” thing in 2011 . You can check out the march addictions here, or just gobble the latest below.

Top Row, left to right:

1. Frye Keyfob Bull keychain 2. Felted Trivet by la.daridar  3. Porcelain Pens, fine tipped, for customized mug projects 4. “Same as It Ever Was” embroidery by littlesasquatch 5. Oddly shaped triangles, inspiration for painting 6. Scarfshop Cotton Gauze, naturally dyed scarves. I have one in Fog, but I want every color, and will procure mustard next; they come in extra large sizes, too! Gorgeous. Stunning.

Middle Row, left to right:

1. Upcycled Pig Shaped Crayons by ivylanedesigns 2. Modern Striped Bottle Vases by dahlhaus 3. Didier Drogba “For Your Consideration” screenprinted t-shirt (I own this very orange and white version!) by jmcrowley 4. Daschund notepad by Anthropologie 5. Flag Smoke necklace by edor 6. Your Friends Don’t Dance print (and life credo, i.m.h.o.) by colorbee 7. Corgi keychain by bravura

Bottom Row, left to right:

1. Potted Jade Plants 2. Batik Style hardware knobs by Anthropologie (definitely buying these to spruce my own bedroom dresser) 3. Instant Comfort Pocket box by kimslittlemonsters 4. Herds in Grey fabric yards by skinnylaminex 5. Crochet jellyfish art by awkward (definitely going to try and make some of my own to hang from the ceiling in work; it needs sprucing.)

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