fruit smoothie, 5.25

The weather is finally warming, which means plenty of hot weather foods. I’ve begun a pretty obsessive smoothie kick–but these smoothies are super light and vegan friendly (despite the fact I’m not a vegan!).

This particular one is composed of frozen blueberries, a handful of ice (the frozen berries reduce the amount of actual ice you need, since I’m still rocking those pesky trays), one banana, and a splash of pomegranate juice.

Heaven, indeed.

more books, 5.19

A rainy stop in Brookline Booksmith “just to browse” always ends with me purchasing a handful of new tomes. I can’t help it; it’s a sick addiction–one I never want to be cured of, so don’t even try.

There’s nothing better than BB because every single time I’m in there, some patron inevitably asks a very random, vague question about some “book they heard was good about a guy, who wore a blazer…” or something equally cryptic, and without fail, whoever is asked says, “ah yes. I know what you’re talking about, follow me this way.”

I want to be that person. It’s incredible. And it’s why this is the greatest bookshop around.

Purchased on Thursday? Zot!: The Complete Black and White Collection 1987-1991 by Scott McCloud, John Waters’ Role Models (which I saw him promote on Bill Maher a few weeks back and became totally smitten with reading), The Witches by Roald Dahl (because it reminds me of childhood and I’m sure my mum has a copy somewhere in a box for me but I want to read it again immediately since he was such a master, a genius), and Paul Auster’s The New York Trilogy.

Which to tackle first, is the question?

student progress, 5.20

More progress on that incredible turtle shell one of my student’s is working on; she has spent the entire year on the “Sheldon” project and learned tons of skills from it. This particular student loves to try to understand the pattern herself and asks questions after experimentation–the best kind of knitter, in my humble opinion.

currently read(ing), 5.21

Finished on the train in five short rides, Howard Zinn’s The Bomb is a stunning exploration–both personal and historical–of the atomic bomb. Fascinating, chock full of facts without feeling overwrought, at times heartbreaking.

If you were a fan of John Hersey’s Hiroshima (which everyone, and I mean everyone, should read), this is a perfect companion for it.

And it’s amazing how we can so easily blindly follow into the darkness. Stark, indeed.

purl soho notions, 5.14

Purchased this gorgeous hardwood needle hole, as I like to call it, at Purl Soho last weekend in NYC. It’s basically a little wooden holder for all my knitting darning needles. Gorgeous, no?

Also snatched? Some beautiful cross stitch swatches a bit stiffer than the normal Aida and in gorgeous colorways like mustard and spring green. I also got two cross stitch pattern books, including the amazing Cross Stitch One Point Pattern.

Then there’s two skeins of Manos del Uruguay Handspun Semi Solid in a gorgeous peachy colorway (I think called “Cheek”?) that I’ll use in a design for this fall.
Inspired, for sure.

current addictions: may, 2011.

Top (left to right):1. Barcode of My Heart cross stitch pattern by andwabisabi 2. Linen cord (meant to be used in a lot of my handmade endeavors this spring and summer) 3. That Flighty Temptress Albus Dumbledore bookmark in calligraphy by sparrownestscript (because I g.d. love Harry Potter) 4. The Art of the Novella series from Melville House Publishing 5. le Tote by littlecassalina

Middle (left to right): 1. Vintage Tulip Sweater by jessjamesjake 2. iphone leather sleeve by RARAMODA (I have the gorgeous orange one pictured) 3. K is for Kryptonite Custom 3D Comic Letter from littlewhitedog (the recycled book letters are amazing too!) 4. LB Collection Wool Stainless Steel 5. Super bulky cotton yarns for summer sweaters, like Blue Sky Alpacas Spud & Chloe 6. La Vie bonbons, all flavors 7. Knitted wall clock frame by retrobaby (I’m definitely making one of these!) 8. Wooden Citrus Reamer like this one by Williams-Sonoma (it’s spring; and we already know about my citrus obsession!)

Bottom (left to right): 1. “Badgest” print available at Society9 2. Adventure Sticks Soap to Go by prunellasoap (in gorgeous scents like spearmint tea tree and blood orange ginger) 3. Sailor stripes; in knitting, in design, in clothing, in bags. Sailor stripes of all kinds! 4. Chocolate Mexicana Organic stone ground chocolate discs by Taza Chocolate 5. Crochet granny hexagons with white borders for a blanket I’m making 6. Billy Ball Terrarium by wendiland (just bought this for my bedroom windowsill)

To check out other “current addictions”, gander away.

student technique, 5.13

One of my students has been diligently working on this pattern all year. She hasn’t wavered; she hasn’t swayed. She has learned some serious skills from this particular pattern…and it’s all coming to fruition.

With just a month left, there’s just the shell to be worked–and I swell with pride because this shell requires a lot of new skills, like working with more than one color at a time, carrying the yarn up the side of the work, and slipping stitches in the front and back to create those shell “window panes”.

Knitting teacher pride.

paper cranes for japan, 5.13

The students at my school are folding paper cranes en masse; it’s all you see in the halls these days and is part of an effort to ship 1,000 of them to an organization that donates a whole bunch of relief money (in exchange for the cranes) to Japan in the wake of the tsunami.

We’ve definitely reached it here, and then some. You can check out the project here; and learn about its origins here.