craftland, 6.24

Whenever I visit Mack in Providence, we always insist on a leisurely trip to Craftland, which features gorgeous handmade items for sale from local artists and crafters.

I love it. The above “I’m a Crafty Mother Fucker” buttons are by RAR RAR Press; the great thing about Craftland is you can fall smitten with something and spread it to your friends elsewhere, as well, because all these incredible artists have etsy shops, too.

All of the art work is squeal worthy and the way its organized in the space is really fitting.

And of course, there are things to purchase to make gorgeous crafts–like these deliciously hand dyed and spun yarns.

Mack scooped up some embroidery patterns by an artist she loves that sells prints of animal heads in sophisticated outfits (she owns the Fox friend) and of course we drooled over bolts of fabric, the Broken Twill pillows that would look crazy great in my home, and the deliciously interesting handmade soaps.

And of course, I found the bookmark made for me! It says “Read Books Not Tweets” and I covet it. Why didn’t I end up buying it? Silly, indeed.

Next time you’re in Providence, visit Craftland. You won’t regret a second of it.

beach crochet, 6.21

r.r. has been asking me to teach her the basics of crochet for a few weeks and I finally got the opportunity to get her started at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester on Tuesday (though she’s an artist and crafter who by nature, doesn’t really need help in  this arena…).

Celebration, you know, on the official start of summer…it was definitely a “10” day, and r.r. being the amazing lady she is, brought along incredible snacks that included roast beets and blueberries.

I brought chips and coke, naturally. Honestly, its a beautiful thing drinking a coke on the beach. Try it; in the meantime, you can check out r.r.’s snaps from our beach trip (which includes an awful shot of my tawny thighs…its too early in the season for that r.r.!).

two recipe project #2, 6.12

The next recipe in the two recipe summer project; things have been quite busy, so I’ve already wavered from my plan a bit, but now that school is over, the chances are further and farther that I’ll actually keep to the goal.

This is a warm dressing salad–balsamic, red onion, thyme, and shitake mushrooms, sauteed with olive oil in a pan. The fresh baby spinach is smothered in the hot dressing and finished off with chunks of fresh goat cheese.

It’s a perfect summer dish, really. As always, tracking the whole thing over at flickr.

licorice knitting, 6.8

It’s finally the end of the school year, which means much excitement at the prospect of nurturing my own creative endeavors; with that, I wanted my last knitting class to be playful and usually that means we bring candy, cakes, and all manner of sugar-filled foods for the gobbling.

Instead of just eating (there was plenty of that, mind), we decided to try knitting with red licorice, which proved a win and loss. The kids loved it; the knitting, the eating, the sticky fingers. But it was just too hot and the ropes not nearly long enough to really get anything truly going of the knitting, so we mostly ate…

…and of course the kids loved the shakes and sugar highs that took them through the rest of their classes. Until next year, you can check out more knitting with candy at the class flickr set.

currently reading, 6.10

I’m kind of the biggest book slut around. People know this to be true about me. As unfortunate as they may think it–I make bedfellow with many a book.

I’m not just a reader and then a returner. I’m definitely a collector, housing multiple editions of the same book with different flap jackets. And then there’s that whole bookstore experience I have, which of course, I’ve documented plenty enough here.

So, with this, came the years round resistance to owning a Kindle; people have asked, I have waxed poetic on my paper page turner. I loved the technology and portability of ere Kindle in question  and think if I had a long public transportation commute to work daily, I’d be rocking the Kindle non-stop.

But, this week, my boss gifted me two Kindles to work into our budding, and evolving, new merger betwixt library services and technology. I’ve been playing with them and I’ve been reading (gasp!) books on them…

…and I’ve been loving it.

Will it replace my book buying obsession? Absolutely not. Will it be great for the students I work with? Yes indeed. In the meantime, I’ll take it with me on a soon trip to Los Angeles and I’ll be obsessively reading George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones whilst on the way…

Before then, you’ll probably catch me at my local bookshop 2 or 3 times….

two recipe project #1, 5.31

I’m making it a goal to try at least 2 new recipes every week, to kick up the excitement in the kitchen. This rigatoni with capers, pine nuts, and bell peppers is from the Real Simple Dinner Tonight Done! book. While it wasn’t a flop, it wasn’t exactly that excitement I was looking for.

But, many more of the recipes in this book look delightful, so stay tuned for more in this little adventure…