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I’m kind of the biggest book slut around. People know this to be true about me. As unfortunate as they may think it–I make bedfellow with many a book.

I’m not just a reader and then a returner. I’m definitely a collector, housing multiple editions of the same book with different flap jackets. And then there’s that whole bookstore experience I have, which of course, I’ve documented plenty enough here.

So, with this, came the years round resistance to owning a Kindle; people have asked, I have waxed poetic on my paper page turner. I loved the technology and portability of ere Kindle in question  and think if I had a long public transportation commute to work daily, I’d be rocking the Kindle non-stop.

But, this week, my boss gifted me two Kindles to work into our budding, and evolving, new merger betwixt library services and technology. I’ve been playing with them and I’ve been reading (gasp!) books on them…

…and I’ve been loving it.

Will it replace my book buying obsession? Absolutely not. Will it be great for the students I work with? Yes indeed. In the meantime, I’ll take it with me on a soon trip to Los Angeles and I’ll be obsessively reading George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones whilst on the way…

Before then, you’ll probably catch me at my local bookshop 2 or 3 times….

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