licorice knitting, 6.8

It’s finally the end of the school year, which means much excitement at the prospect of nurturing my own creative endeavors; with that, I wanted my last knitting class to be playful and usually that means we bring candy, cakes, and all manner of sugar-filled foods for the gobbling.

Instead of just eating (there was plenty of that, mind), we decided to try knitting with red licorice, which proved a win and loss. The kids loved it; the knitting, the eating, the sticky fingers. But it was just too hot and the ropes not nearly long enough to really get anything truly going of the knitting, so we mostly ate…

…and of course the kids loved the shakes and sugar highs that took them through the rest of their classes. Until next year, you can check out more knitting with candy at the class flickr set.

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