craftland, 6.24

Whenever I visit Mack in Providence, we always insist on a leisurely trip to Craftland, which features gorgeous handmade items for sale from local artists and crafters.

I love it. The above “I’m a Crafty Mother Fucker” buttons are by RAR RAR Press; the great thing about Craftland is you can fall smitten with something and spread it to your friends elsewhere, as well, because all these incredible artists have etsy shops, too.

All of the art work is squeal worthy and the way its organized in the space is really fitting.

And of course, there are things to purchase to make gorgeous crafts–like these deliciously hand dyed and spun yarns.

Mack scooped up some embroidery patterns by an artist she loves that sells prints of animal heads in sophisticated outfits (she owns the Fox friend) and of course we drooled over bolts of fabric, the Broken Twill pillows that would look crazy great in my home, and the deliciously interesting handmade soaps.

And of course, I found the bookmark made for me! It says “Read Books Not Tweets” and I covet it. Why didn’t I end up buying it? Silly, indeed.

Next time you’re in Providence, visit Craftland. You won’t regret a second of it.

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