from my design book, 9.29

I have this habit of making sweaters. A lot of them, I have literally, a collar to finish, or buttons to affix; and instaed, I let them sit, languishing in a project bag, for months, sometimes years. What’s my problem? Project fatigue? Moving on to something else? Not loving how its turning out? Who knows.Continue reading “from my design book, 9.29”

baktus #2.

I can’t believe its been two winters since I created this red&white striped baktus. Shortly thereafter, I decided to try it with a fingering weight yarn, instead of worsted. For some reason, I left this project on the needles for nearly two years, approximately eighty percent done. So, as part of my new found makingContinue reading “baktus #2.”

Go on, Jenna…

The other night, my good friend r.r. summoned me outside Gather Here, one of my favorite stitch lounges owned by friend Virginia; it was to be a covert journey to a new space upstairs which Virginia was feverishly working in that night, while we were downstairs at her Thursday night pints and purls event weContinue reading “Go on, Jenna…”