from my design book, 9.29

I have this habit of making sweaters. A lot of them, I have literally, a collar to finish, or buttons to affix; and instaed, I let them sit, languishing in a project bag, for months, sometimes years.

What’s my problem? Project fatigue? Moving on to something else? Not loving how its turning out? Who knows. But this year, my goal is to be better; to start something, and to finish it.

And to maybe make a sweater that I actually keep for myself. And wear it.

Shocking, I know. But I will try. And so, this morning, I decided to grab my knitting design book, and craft some simple fair isle motif that I can work around, maybe the bottom, or the yoke, of a basic raglan pullover. Something to spice up all the stockinette stitch. Something cheeky.

Everyone knows my love for color work; and so, once I’m done some necessary knitted gifts with a deadline, I will make this. A basic raglan sweater, top down, in maybe a mauve colorway, with these little reindeer on.


Published by JRW

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2 thoughts on “from my design book, 9.29

  1. Im terrible for starting things and not finishing them!! but Im mid way through my first cardigan, and one that’s actually for myself so Im determined to finish this one! your pattern is so so cute and i think a great choice of colours! i look forward to seeing it?x

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