I had my first Paloma whilst visiting Phoenix in June. If you’ve never had one, its a play on a margarita, but with the deliciousness of grapefruit soda.

It’s my thing, now, so I’m making them at home in New England, to try and relive that first moment.

clams, 7.2013


There’s nothing better than the fresh seafood of New England. And with summer weather, comes massive consumption. I like to keep in simple, too. No frills, no fancy chiffonades or garlic or wine. Just straight up steamed clams, all their salty sea flavor in full effect.

And an iced cold beer to go with.

Thank you, summer.

camp, 6.2013


This summer, I spent two weeks in the southwest, where my guy lives. Naturally, facing oppressive temperatures in Phoenix during the month of June, instead of simply sweating it all out in lethargy, we opted to chase cooler climes on a series of camping trips across Northern Arizona. Camping, after all, is how we first met.

Traversing the stunning, and vast, Navajo Nation, we stopped through the Tuba City Reservation, where my parents used to live, camped in the tranquil high desert of the Grand Canyon North Rim (for the non-tourist types), and enjoyed splashing in the low, but cold waters of Lake Powell at Wahweap.

It was a trip I wish I was still in; away from it all; great talk and beautiful landscape, playing cards, and cold beers, and tents, and camp stove cooking. It’s the way summer is meant to be observed.

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