soup and crackers, 10.16

Last night, I felt like having a warm, comforting meal. It was dreary; it was gray. And so, soup it was. I can churn out a delicious soup any day. But this time, I wanted to amp it up a bit. I wanted a challenge. So homemade cheez-it crackers it was.

They were really amazing. Amazing, amazing. Like never buy them again and just make them amazing. And turns out, it was no challenge at all. These are really simple to make. For a first go around, my crackers weren’t so even, and since last night, I’ve purchased a little mini goldfish cookie cutter for future crackering.

Oh, and these happened to go gloriously with a tomato-white bean-pasta soup with spinach instead of kale (my store didn’t have any kale…are you kidding me?).

Go out and make some cheese crackers, will you?


I’m teaching the blogging portion of a photography class at my school this fall, and got to shoot my doggie cookies on this awesome 2d photo contraption as part of the blog demo day.

So cool. I want one.


My sister gave me a brilliant 30th gift this year: membership in a coffee of the month club with Citizen Bean, plus a chemex brewer and a gorgeous little bean grinder.

I received my first batch from Citizen Bean two days ago, along with a brilliant pairing of chocolate espresso dusted almonds. Brilliant.

homemade dog biscuits.

Homemade dog biscuits make so much sense. You probably have everything already in your cupboard and the pooches in your life will be so pleased.

I used a peanut butter based recipe from 17Apart and I think the doggies in my life were so pleased. The bulk of them went to my guy’s live in mate, Jack, all the way in Phoenix.

I think you should always make biscuits in your own kitchen for your canines. So easy and at least you know what you are feeding them.

sneak peak, drips.


I’ve pretty much done what I’ve been saying I would do for years: get all my Christmas knitting done way ahead of time. For the first time, ever, I am doing and have done just that. It’s remarkable, really, since it’s impossible for me to set rules for myself and abide by them.

But here we are, in October, and I’ve got a majority of my things completed, my knits blocked and put in paper awaiting new owners, and even purchasing the small other things I give. It’s a modern day miracle.

Here is a sneak peak at the Drips hat. Shh, its a gift. Knit up with scraps of leftovers I had around–Madelinetosh tosh vintage in worn denim and Manos del Uruguay wool clasica in turquoise. This hat only took about two hours; clearly, a super easy gift for a friend with gorgeous results.

Only mod: I used both colorways for my pom.

wip: moody house hat.

I absolutely love color work. Its challenging but so rewarding and takes to crazy color combinations really well. This is the Moody House hat, in progress. Top down, I decided to use little bundles of leftover yarn I had, so this hat is a stash buster, besides being gorgeous and so fun to work up.

Knit using Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran in the stormy colorway and some Cascade 220 in orange. The original calls for The Plucky Knitter, but we all know how hard it is to get your hands on that yarn. But, oh, wouldn’t it be gorgeous?

fair isle baby.

A co-worker and friend just informed me he will be the proud papa of a baby girl this December. The obvious first choice was to begin with Purl Bee’s Fair Isle baby hat, which I’ve been dying to make for some time.

This was a quick 2 hour knit. I used Knit Picks Palette, since I have 100 skeins of it in every imaginable colorway, and wanted to reflect the original pattern’s motif. The main color way is white, and the motif (from bottom on up) are as follows: asphalt heather, briar heather, camel heather, almond, and oyster heather.

Check out my project at ravelry.