soup and crackers, 10.16

Last night, I felt like having a warm, comforting meal. It was dreary; it was gray. And so, soup it was. I can churn out a delicious soup any day. But this time, I wanted to amp it up a bit. I wanted a challenge. So homemade cheez-it crackers it was.

They were really amazing. Amazing, amazing. Like never buy them again and just make them amazing. And turns out, it was no challenge at all. These are really simple to make. For a first go around, my crackers weren’t so even, and since last night, I’ve purchased a little mini goldfish cookie cutter for future crackering.

Oh, and these happened to go gloriously with a tomato-white bean-pasta soup with spinach instead of kale (my store didn’t have any kale…are you kidding me?).

Go out and make some cheese crackers, will you?

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