french macarons.


My sister and I tackled making our first macarons last weekend. They were pretty labor intensive and we did get cracking (boo), but all in all, a success. The raspberry jam we put inside them instead of butter cream was really sweet but the meringue cookies were light and airy, as they should be.


Made this Twinklebaum hat for my mum for xmas; subsequently made one, in various colors, for every member of my family and a baby version for my nephew. These hats are easy, fun, and bring stocking cap to a whole new level—stands straight on end by itself, or flips over. Gorgeous, indeed.

Knit up using 1 skein of Manos Del Uruguay Maxima in stratus and Malabrigo Merino Worsted in ravelry red. Only modification was not making fold over brim.