I have this thing for almond bark. The most amazing bark I’ve ever tried came home with my mum from a small chocolatier in the Swiss Alps, where she was vacationing. Little did she know this most amazing chocolate feast was not available for purchase online as well, and so that tiny supply which came home on the plane lasted all of…two gobbles, never to be experienced again (unless someone is willing to gift me a trip to the Swiss Alps?).

Since then, I’ve tried many barks. They have been good; great, indeed. But, why not try making it myself? With any ingredients I choose?

Enter my sea salted extra dark chocolate almond bark, which I whipped up yesterday after work. This is so easy, so long as you temper your chocolate! I learned a great tempering technique from this recipe, and now, methinks I’ll be making this bark all the time.

This recipe used whole almonds, 62% cacao chocolate, and some amazing fleur de sel for the top to balance out the sweet.

2 responses to “bark.”

  1. That’s a brilliant bark! Love the almonds in it!

    1. thank you Charisma! I look forward to checking your blog too.

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