leah’s lovely cardigan.

At least three years back, I started this brilliant cardigan–a match to the one my friend r.r. had recently completed. The yarn is to die for and all was going swimmingly, but for some reason I put it down with nearly the entire body to the yoke complete and never picked it back up. There it has sat…until now.

I’ve decided, since I recently completed all projects on needles, that I’d head back to this one. This is the only one awaiting a finish, and so, finish I will.

And surprisingly, despite how old the project is, I’m really excited about it.

Do you have really old projects on needles? Do you ever go back to them and finish?

2 responses to “leah’s lovely cardigan.”

  1. I’m excited to see how that yarn knits up!

    I have a shawl I return to sometimes, but for the most part it resides in the knitshame box. haha

    1. It knits up beautifully! The alchemy that is…I will post a snap of sweater soon. Thanks for reading! I like the knitshame box. I will have to call mine that as well.

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