labor day leah.

Getting back to finishing Leah’s Lovely Cardigan this labor day. Meant finishing the body, reserving stitches for the underarms, and finally casting on for sleeves.

I see the end of this project in sight; its only been since 2011. I’m glad that I finally decided to get back to it instead of starting a new project this week.

It’s a beautiful pattern, easy to execute, and this Alchemy Yarn is a damn dream. I bought this Alchemy Juniper from Purl Soho back when I started the cardigan in ’11–I’m pretty sure they no longer make this particular fingering weight line; its a shame because its buttery soft and a gorgeous color to boot.

Apparently, I like the “vintage jade” colorway a lot, as evidenced by my matching sunnies.

2 responses to “labor day leah.”

    1. thank you! snaps when its done!

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