baby socks.

A quick 40-minute knit from Joelle Hoverson’s More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. These baby socks were knit up using a bit of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran Weight in the chris gray color way I had laying left over in my stash from another baby project.

It’s so gorgeous and soft–buttery almost–that it makes for a perfect sock. Quick little baby knits are the best; so cute, so much reward.

See a few more snaps of the socks here.

3 responses to “baby socks.”

  1. So cute, you can almost see how sof they are! Hope that somebody of my friends will get pregnant soon so that I can start casting on the baby knits…

    1. they are so fun! thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. […] The ideas, they swirl. The babies, they will be warm, this winter. For this hat, I plan on making these little baby socks in the thyme color to […]

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