screen printing x 2.

I took an amazing screen printing class at Gather Here back in June. Since then, I’ve burned a second screen, using an old drawing of Lionel Richie I once did for a card.

Since I went to Bonnaroo Music Festival this summer, and Lionel killed the main stage on Saturday night, I figured it made sense to take that old drawing and see if it tanslated into a tshirt for my Bonnaroo crew.

I did, certainly, do a ton of test prints before I risked tshirts. As you can see, it was necessary!
While it is definitely not an easy process the first time you are on your own, its so worth it. Conditions in my apartment seem to be really humid, which means I need to allow for more emulsion drying time and a bit of a longer burn. Now that I know this, I feel like I’m already planning out a million more designs to screen print.

Check out more snaps of the screen printing process, as well as us wearing our tshirts, at its flickr set.

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