asparagus orzo salad.

Delicious summer orzo salad with local asparagus, corn, cherry tomatoes, and flaked tuna. All dressed with a light dijon vinaigrette. Really yummy and not much time in the kitchen over a hot stove. This was a recipe I found in one of Martha Stewart’s Quick Summer Favorites from a few years ago. Of course, sinceContinue reading “asparagus orzo salad.”

stream bed socks.

Another pair of basic striped socks for my guy. This was a great stash busting project; the pair used exactly two skeins of Knit Picks Felici Sport in the stream bed colorway, which has since been discontinued. Hooray for stash busting. Check out my notes on the project, which features my favorite type of heelContinue reading “stream bed socks.”

striped pullover.

For some reason, I never actually, in all my years of knitting, have made a really simple, straight forward, top down raglan sweater in stockinette. I’ve started a million; never finished, frogged, and started something different, favoring sleeve details or fair isle motifs or cardigans. Until now. Using Jane Richmond’s Ladies Classic Raglan Sweater, IContinue reading “striped pullover.”