Since this photo was snapped last week, my Laight Street wrap has grown exponentially and I am now more than halfway through the chart repeats and nearing the finishing line.

The cable and lace is so beautiful and easy to follow and knitting on size 11 needles means its working up fast. Am loving every aspect of it; it’s just the over-sized scarf I was looking for to get me through cold Boston winters.

I’m following the pattern to a T for the wrap size, including using Malabrigo Twist in the same zinc colorway, which is a gorgeous gray-purple color.

7 responses to “laight.”

  1. I love your choice of yarn. The stitch definition is wonderful and the pattern really pops.

    1. thank you! thanks for reading my blog!

      1. No problem. It’s a good blog! I like your style. 🙂

  2. […] My Laight Street Wrap is growing. I’ve put it aside this week to work on a really small project for my next week house guest. But, with that nearing the finish line, back at it will be. I’m more than halfway finished now, so it’s only a matter of days before you can finally see finished results. […]

  3. […] nearing the finish line on my Laight Street Wrap, which has taken kind of a back burner to some more pressing projects–including Christmas […]

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