Not crosses. Plus signs. I made my own version of JoJi’s Faded Quilt hat. Essentially, I followed the pattern, save for the gradient background color changes. I also knitted this hat exclusively on size 2 needles. I also decided to put a little i-cord on the top. I can’t decide if the modification is cute or weird. I guess I can always take it out and try again with a top loop? What do you think?

The end result is cute, but I’m not in love. It doesn’t fit me well (a constant problem of hats being too long or too wide when they are fair isle) which is annoying. On the upside? It took just one evening to knit and might look great on my guy, who is visiting in a few days from the sunny climes of Phoenix.

We shall see…

Knit up using two skeins of Knit Picks Palette as a stash busting project; charcoal and off white are the colors. I have a palette 100 I received as a gift many years ago and slowly am picking away at it for small color work projects like hats and mittens.

See my project notes here.

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