owl bounty.

My mum is an amazing person. She recently took me on a trip to Portland to visit Knit Wit, a yarn shop I’ve been dying to patron. And on top of that, she bought me 10 skeins of delicious Owl yarn by Quince and Co (a  Maine-based yarn company whose flagship in shop sales location happens to be this store) for a pattern I’ve been wanting to knit from Hannah Fettig’s Knitbit Yoked collection.

This is tyto for the main color and canyon for the detail to make the Willard Fair Isle pullover.

Eventually, I’d like to knit every sweater in the collection. They are all gorgeous, as are any of Hannah Fettig’s patterns.

What do you plan on knitting this winter?

3 responses to “owl bounty.”

  1. This yarn looks heavenly. Good luck on that sweater.

    1. thanks! will post pix here once I knit it!

  2. […] I’m hoping to get a substantial part of the body done tonight, but I’ve got to pack for my Thanksgiving vacation, too. Here’s to hoping I can finish it this weekend so maybe I can start the Willard Fair Isle Pullover with that gorgeous Owl yarn just waiting for me. […]

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