Remember these thrummed mittens I made two years ago for Valentines Day? I’m thinking of making another pair–this time with perhaps navy blue thrums and a gray main color.

What do you think? Have you ever made thrummed mittens before? If you are going through these 25 degree November days like we are here in Boston, perhaps you should consider…

See more snaps of my thrummed mittens (including the cozy insides) here.

3 responses to “thrummed.”

  1. Beautiful. I need to knit myself up a new pair as mine are getting old.

  2. […] maker world, right now. From top left to right: local wool roving about to become thrums for some mittens like these ; mini sketchbooks in bright colors by clairefontaine ; cheeky rubber stamps for letters, stickers, […]

  3. […] birthday was yesterday. I knitted her a pair of thrummed mittens because she’s been borrowing my red pair all winter and seems to really love them for long walks in the park with the […]

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