chevrons body.

Here is the finished body of my Chevrons sweater. It only took a few days to complete the entire thing–sleeves and all. I will take proper snaps of it this week hopefully, so you can see the finished results. Fit is perfect for me; not tight or fitted, just a perfect every day super cold winter in Boston wearing sweater.

I love love it.

Knit up in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter–cast iron for the main and fossil for the chevron details. Left off the button up turtle neck part (had done that on my previous version of Chevrons) for a slightly open neck and to try something different.

More snaps of the finished sweater soon! What did you know at Thanksgiving?

One response to “chevrons body.”

  1. […] this ridiculously quick hat out of leftover bits of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter I had after finishing my Chevrons sweater. Diamond Waves by Kaleigh McLelland is so quick and the finished product is amazing. Plus, its free […]

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