So happy with the finished product on my Avery Cowl, knit up with two skeins of the gorgeous and ridiculously soft Quince and Co. Osprey in the clay colorway. This color is just as I hoped it would be–I wanted it to look like the dusty red clay of the desert and it’s stunning.

I knit Avery for my mum for Christmas; she loves cowls and I think she’s going to appreciate the diamond detailing on this one, as well as the color choice. It will go well with any jacket.

I recommend buying a third skein of Osprey because I did not have enough yarn to finish the very last row of the pattern and bind off. You can’t tell I’m one row short (because one row, really), but if you want to follow this to a T, I’d get one more skein. I’m assuming the pattern doesn’t call for 3 because you’d either knit tight enough not to need a third, or use so little of the third, that yardage called for in this pattern is slightly fudgy. I feel like I’m a pretty technically proficient knitter–not too tight or loose. And I even used the yarn the pattern specifically called for. Just a tip for anyone who wants to knit Avery.

Everything about this pattern was fun; easy to memorize the chart, enough detail to keep in interesting and rewarding, but easy enough to do with distractions around. Plus, it took a few nights on the couch after work.

What hand knits are you gifting this holiday season? I’m definitely going to make one of these for myself in the New Year.

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