I finally finished the body of my Willard pullover by Hannah Fettig, as part of the Knitbot Yoked collection. The sweater had been on the back burner as the holidays approached, but it’s now front and center again.

I should be finished this week, with only the sleeves left (man! I hate knitting the sleeves; I love top down raglans for their ease and ability to fit as you go, but the benefits of a bottom up just for getting the sleeves out of the way are….oh…).

This is knit up with Quince and Co.’s gorgeous Owl, in the tyto colorway for the main, and canyon for the color work on the yoke. I love it.

Onward, to the sleeves. Hopefully I’ll actually get a descent finished shot; usually I just post a picture on a hanger or a terrible shot of me wearing it. I’ll try harder in 2015 to get better finished project snaps.

What are you finishing up this month? Read more about my Willard here.

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