finished willard.

I finally finished my Willard pullover by Hannah Fettig. It shouldn’t have taken since the end of November because it was a simple top down with a bit of color work at the yoke. Alas, holiday knitting got in the way.

This sweater is beautiful finished. It is everything I hoped it would be when I first stumbled on the pattern and wanted to knit it. I didn’t make any modifications and knit the 36″ size because I hate my sweaters to be skin tight–I like 2-4 inches of ease on most of my garments. Knit up using Quince and Co.’s Owl yarn in the tyto color way for the main color and canyon for the contrast, I’m so pleased with the color choice even though there was much hemming and hawing because of limited availability of owl at the time.

You should definitely knit the Willard. Snaps when I finally wear it. Read my travels with knitting the Willard here.

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