I always have a whole bunch of books on my bedside table. I’m currently reading Stephen King’s The Stand and figured I would never finish it in a timely manner unless I was exclusive with its pages.

And so, these continue to sit. They are all books I’ve had time with before–but I love, love, love re-reads. You get so much out of them. Desert Blooms, a lovely little guide book Sean bought for me last summer on our camping trip to Utah, is always with me. I think I have it wherever I go.

What books are kicking around on your bedside?

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3 thoughts on “books.

  1. I’m always re-reading. I’ve just finished a book I first read in my teens-The Rats. Sometimes you need a break from all of the highbrow stuff 🙂
    The Stand is a great book, though I hope it’s not the expanded edition. The original was long enough! I’m about to start Death Of A Salesman. When I’m not on here I’m over on Goodreads looking for something else to start.

    1. I am reading the extended version. I wanted to read it as Stephen originally wrote it. I don’t mind the length; he’s a genius.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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