After starting this at the beginning of November and abandoning it to holiday knitting, I picked it back up last week and finished. Scatter is an Icelandic fair isle sweater, featuring a nice bleeding color pattern. It was easy to follow, minus all the errors for the sleeve charts, but because its “scattered” color work, I don’t think you can tell that the stitch counts for the smallest size did not match up with the sleeve charts.

I love the over-sized fit (the smallest size has a chest measurement in the 40-inches) and the super bulky Alafoss Lopi yarn I used to knit this (in the black sheep heather and lite indigo colorways), but the sleeves are too long by about 2-3 inches…again.

So like my Stasis, I’m going to have to cut into the knitting and re-knit the ribbing on the sleeves. Normally I like long sleeves, but these go well past the ends of my hands, so it won’t work to wear this anywhere but bumming around the house, which is so not the point.

Stay tuned for modifications and hopefully a better final fit. What Icelandic sweaters do you recommend I knit next?

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